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2007-08-31 17:53:39 by Miro-Kaz

Howdy all,
I'm working on my only serious flash that I plan too release too the World,
Well, two actually,
As homo as they sound in name, I can't decide which would be wiser to really make my first actual thing that isn't just some 10 second scrap-animation for a NG group holiday...
Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts,
The Court of Noir?

Anywho which,
I'm out guys,
I've been reading up on Ovid's Metamorphases
If you've been taking Latin or know it, you should really check it out,

- Miro/Josh d/

and uhhhh edit,
V picture unrelated

The weekly news


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2007-08-31 19:12:13

Is it going to be a... sprite move?

Miro-Kaz responds:

Oh no,
Sprites aren't my thing,

If you mean that because of that picture above, well, I wanted to submit something, so I clicked a random image, uploaded, and yea, haha